Clinics by period

No time to follow the blog daily ?

Interested in all topics monitored by ?

Preferring a face-to-face presentation, in order to link inputs with topics your are tackling ?  And have a discussion about the best way to translate those inputs into tactics and strategies ?

Choose the monthly Clinics : what happened lately on the path to purchase ?



  • In-store media – do’s & don’ts about in-store communication, Q3/2011 – 12/10/11)
  • Trends – Trends – social media, impact on shopping behaviour … on activation strategies (11/10/11)
  • In-store media – do’s & don’ts about in-store communication, Q1/2011 (28.06.2011)
  • Trends – inspiration on the path to purchase, trends, facts & figures, and business cases about shoppers, retailers, sales activation (24.06.2011)

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