NEW – In-store media – 5 observations on the shopfloor : Absolut, Leffe, Harry Potter, Hot Wheels, J&B

  1. Le packaging Absolut version catwalk
  2. Le cellier Leffe pour choisir son grand cru
  3. Rejoignez Harry Potter à Poudlard
  4. Hot wheels, tout feu tout flamme
  5. J&B a mis son habit de fête

Tags for this series of post : Carrefour, beverages, Absolut, display, packaging, Delhaize, beverages, Leffe, display, Carrefour, multimedia, Harry Potter, visual merchandising, Carrefour, non-food, toys, Hot wheels, Carrefour, Delhaize, beverages, J&B, display, packaging

  • Full content available as of today
  • Extracts will be posted in 01 & 02/2012

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