Press review 26/11/2011

AH opent in België met sleutelactie (Distrifood) … Consumenten in het Vlaamse Stabroek vinden vanmorgen een sleutel in hun brievenbus. De sleutel maakt deel uit van de openingsactiviteiten van de tweede Belgische vestiging van Albert Heijn.

AVEVE leert stedelingen bakken en bloemschikken (Retaildetail) … AVEVE lanceert een nieuw initiatief om de stedelingen van tegenwoordig bak- en tuinplezier bij te brengen. Aan de hand van workshops probeert de retailketen, die ooit ontstaan is uit de Boerenbond, klanten in zijn stadswinkels aan het bakken, koken en bloemschikken te krijgen.

70% des digital mums feront leur achats de Noël sur internet ( … L’observatoire réalisé par KR Media et WebMediaGroup révèle que pour 70% des Digitals Mums* feront leurs achats de Noël sur internet. 

Walmart Strikes First; Will Price War Follow? ( … Walmart says it is offering something new for the holidays: A Christmas Price Guarantee. That aggressive price-matching promise may be a sign that Holiday 2011 will be even more of a slugfest than initially forecast.

Wal-Mart unveils strategy to match prices after purchases are made during the holiday season (Washington post) … Wal-Mart announced a new strategy that it hopes will pull in procrastinators early by giving them a big incentive: a guarantee that they’ll get the lowest price no matter when they buy during the holiday season.

Groupon’s Business Model Is Leaking (Harvard Business Review) … Remember late last year when Google offered $5.3 billion to buy out Groupon? When the daily deals site rejected the generous offer from the search giant in favor of pursuing an IPO, it unleashed a flood of commentary, from this site and others.

Shoppers don’t pay attention to nutrition labels, says study ( … According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, consumers’ self-​reported viewing of nutrition facts label components was higher than objectively measured viewing using an eye tracking device.


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