SWOT analysis of Touring shop

Extract Shopfloor CONSULTING n°155, available sindce28.07.2011

Spontaneous association – Touring and Touring Shop

Product ? Service ? Atmosphere ? Price ? promotions ? Staff ?

  • It is a Touring «thing» for sure, but I did not consider it as a shop
  • Assortment focuses on cars and holidays/travel
  • Staff is nice and helpful …. they advise you, without trying to force you to buy = key strength
  • Good prices and promotions … promotions are attractive, regular prices not so …
  • The shop = direct contact, advice …, last minute/urgent purchase … time favour,  there is a sofa, a huge desk, maps and tourists guides you can consult while waiting …

Shopfloor CONSULTING, SWOT analysis of Touring shop, 2011 – n°155 : agenda

  • What did we learn from 2 previous in-store observation sessions ?
  • What did Touring want to know ?
  • How did we gather consumers insights ?
  • Insights and key learning’s after qualitative data collection
  • Insights and key learning’s after quantitative data collection
  • Key learning’s and recommendations
  • Next steps

Information about Shopper CONSULTING ?  shopfloor.be@gmail.com 

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